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Set Up a Dutch Company for Import/Export of Flowers

Set Up a Dutch Company for Import/Export of Flowers

It may come as surprise, but the Netherlands is one of the greatest players in the horticulture industry in the worldDutch horticulture companies represent 44% of the global trade of flowers, bulbs, plants and propagation materials. Moreover, the Netherlands exports 77% of the flower bulbs for tulips all over the world. There are 1,800 new plant species on the European market at the moment, 65% coming from the Netherlands. Foreign investors seeking for new industries to open companies in, can choose the Dutch horticulture or floriculture industries which are very successful.

Our Dutch company formation agents can help foreign enterprisers to start an import/export of flowers business in this country.

Registering a floriculture company in the Netherlands

Given the numbers above, starting a company in the floriculture industry in the Netherlands could prove a very lucrative and well-paid business. The company registration process is the same as for any other type of business in the Netherlands and will imply the preparation of the incorporation documents of the company based on which the Trade Register will issue the certificate of registration. Following the registration of the company, the owner must obtain the licenses which allows the company to import or export the flowers into, respectively outside the Netherlands.

Import and export licenses for Dutch floricultural companies

The greatest advantage of setting up an import/export flower business in the Netherlands is the simplified requirements when it comes to customs procedures. The steps to follow in order to import or export flowers into or outside the Netherlands are:

  • –          verify if the products are allowed to enter the Netherlands (in case of imports);
  • –          respect the requirements of the Commodities Law;
  • –          find out of the products need to bear the CE mark;
  • –          obtain the phytosanitary license for exporting flowers, plants or bulbs outside the Netherlands.

The phytosanitary license is issued by the Dutch government. Also, intellectual property registration is recommended for Dutch companies exporting flowers. Also, no matter if the company imports or exports flowers, all the products must be declared and the fees related to the procedures must be paid with the Dutch Customs Authorities.

For assistance with the registration process of your import/export of flowers business, please contact our company registration agents in the Netherlands.