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Open a Flex BV in the Netherlands (Simplified BV Regime)

Open a Flex BV in the Netherlands (Simplified BV Regime)

The private limited liability company, shortly known as the Dutch BV, is the most popular type of company in the Netherlands for many years now. That is because it can be used as a holding company and it benefits from many tax advantages when used as a startup or as a subsidiary of a foreign company operating in the Netherlands.

In 2012, the government simplified the rules for BVs by enabling the Flex BV Act. Our Dutch company formation consultants can offer information on the Flex BV Law.

Requirements for flex BVs in the Netherlands

Unlike the ordinary BV which must have a minimum share capital of 18,000 euros, the flex BV is no longer required to have a minimum amount upon incorporation. The currency in which the share capital is denominated can be any, as long as it is specified in the Dutch flex BV’s articles of association. The company must have a place of management in the Netherlands, at least one shareholder and a director.

From an accounting point of view, the flex BV in the Netherlands will still be required to prepare all the financial statements as any other type of company. However, the new law allows for a NV (joint stock company) to be turned into a flex BV. One of the reasons the flex BV was enabled is to provide for a more flexible legal framework for the creation of joint ventures in the Netherlands.

How to establish a Dutch flex BV

When it comes to the company registration procedure, it remains the same for the flex BV just like for any other type of company in the Netherlands. The shareholders must prepare the incorporation documents and file them with their personal information with the Dutch Companies Registrar. All the business licenses related to the flex BV’s activities must also be obtained.

An important change brought to flex BVs in the Netherlands refers to the liability of company directors which is higher, according to the Flex BV Law.

We invite you to watch our video on how to open a Dutch flex BV:

Considering the articles of association must be amended in the case of changing a company’s status, it is recommended to seek assistance when turning a BV into a flex BV in the Netherlands. Our company formation consultants in the Netherlands can assist you in opening a flex BV. You can also contact us if you want to amend the company’s statutory documents.