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Open a Trading Company in the Netherlands

Open a Trading Company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a perfect geographical position in Europe that makes the country a gateway to importing and exporting goods. Excellent infrastructure and the presence of the large Rotterdam Port are two other factors that contribute to the country’s excellent trade potential. 

Trading companies in the Netherlands take advantage of these particularities and are able to engage in international trade, having good access both to European countries and to other regions. Most Dutch trading companies will provide supply services for wholesalers, retailers, and various distributors.

Trading company particularities in the Netherlands

Trading companies in the Netherlands can diversify their scope of business activities to suit the needs of the markets on which they supply goods. These types of companies do not need to restrict to one import and/or export item. Instead, trading companies can specialize in the distribution of a large variety of products, from foods and liquor to health and beauty and many others.

Below are some examples of business activities in which trading companies can engage:

– buying and selling goods;

– intermediary sale/purchase of goods;

– importing/exporting, wholesaling;

– assistance and counseling for supplies sourcing and others. 

Most international companies set-up offices in larger Dutch cities like RotterdamAmsterdam or the Hague but other cities provide excellent secondary locations. 

Below, you can watch our video on how to establish a trading company in the Netherlands:

Trading company set-up in the Netherlands

Investors who want to open a trading company in the Netherlands can set-up a branch of an existing international company or open a new Dutch legal entity. The second option offers more flexibility in terms of liability but it also includes more steps.

Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can help you open a company, starting with choosing the company name, preparing the company documents and registering the legal entity with the Dutch Companies Registry.

Trading companies, as well as other types of businesses that provide a number of services, require special permits and licenses to function. The Dutch Government also imposes a set of rules and regulations for the import and export of controlled goods.

You can contact our company formation agents in the Netherlands to find out more about how to open a trading company and other general details about investments.