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Establish a Company in the Energy Sector in the Netherlands

Establish a Company in the Energy Sector in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a world leader when it comes to the production of energy from renewable sourcesOpening a company in the energy sector in the Netherlands is very well regulated and foreign investors can find many business opportunities in various branches of this industry. Moreover, thanks to the liberalization of the energy market, Dutch consumers can choose the energy supplier which enables to companies offering this type of services to tailor their services.

The main laws governing the energy industry in the Netherlands are the Energy Law and the Water Act. Our Dutch company formation consultants can offer information on the legislation covering the energy industry.

The Dutch Offshore Wind Energy Act

One of the latest developments of the energy sector in the Netherlands is the introduction of the Offshore Wind Energy Law which was enabled in 2015 and which provides for companies to exploit new renewable energy sources apart from the traditional ones.

No matter the type of energy supplied or the sources it is obtained from, starting a business in this industry will first imply following the same company registration procedures as for any other type of company in the Netherlands.

Our company formation agents can assist with the preparation of the documents related to opening a company in the Dutch energy industry.

Licenses for energy companies in the Netherlands

Once the energy company is registered with the Companies Registrar, it must start the authorization process in order to start operating. First of all, it must obtain the permit which will allow it to build power plants or other facilities in order to exploit the energy source. Thanks to the new Offshore Wind Energy Act, this process is now simpler. The company must also obtain a water permit. These licenses are issued by the Ministry for Economic Affairs in the Netherlands.

No matter the source, Dutch energy companies must also comply with the energy efficiency classes imposed by the government.

For full information on how to start a business in the energy sector in the Netherlandsplease contact us. Our local representatives can also offer information on the Offshore Wind Energy Law and the subsidies offered by the authorities for the energy sector.