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Why Open a Company in the Dutch Antilles

Why Open a Company in the Dutch Antilles

Foreign investors who want to open a company in the Netherlands can also choose one of the islands located in the Sea of the Caribbean. Among these islands are the well-known Antilles which offer one of the best investment infrastructures in the area. Apart from thiscompanies established in Curacao or the Antilles can create strong economic relations with South American states for those doing business there.

If you want to know why the Antilles are one of the best places for doing business in the Caribbean, our company formation agents in the Netherlands can advise you.

The Dutch Antilles have one of the most developed economies in their region

If you want to set up a business in the Netherlands Antilles you should know that the set of islands have one of the highest gross domestic products per inhabitant which also means a great purchase power. Among the industries which can return good profits on investments, the Dutch Antilles excel in tourism, finance, oil and petroleum refinement and shipment. Considering most goods are brought from outside the islands, the trading sector is also a good investment industry in the Antilles.

One of the reasons foreign investors choose the Antilles and Curacao to open companies is the infrastructure, which is quite developed compared to that of other nearby states.

Our company registration advisors in the Netherlands can help you open companies in both the Antilles and Curacao.

Advantages for opening a company in the Antilles

Even if the creation of a company falls under the Dutch regulationsthe Antilles also have their own Civil Code which now provides for simpler company incorporation procedures. The amendments brought to the local Civil Code refer to:

  • –          simplified company formation procedures;
  • –          simplified corporate governance requirements;
  • –          limited company directors’ liability.

Our Dutch consultants can offer information on these amendments.

Tax advantages in the Dutch Antilles

The income tax applied in the Dutch Antilles is set at around 28% depending on the island where the company is established, however there are cases in which the effective tax rate can be reduced to 2%. Also, oil companies benefit from a 12% tax rate.  The Dutch Antilles also offers numerous free zones, where the tax rate is 2%.

If you want to open a company in the Dutch Antilles and need more information on the reasons to invest here, please contact us.