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Why Open a Company in Curacao

Why Open a Company in Curacao

During the last several years Curacao became one of the most stable economies in the Caribbean region and has attracted a great number of investors interested in doing business in an exotic island. For those interested in starting a business hereCuracao belongs to the Netherlands, one of the most prosperous and prolific economies in Europe.

If you want to open a company in Curacao, our company formation consultant in the Netherlands can explain the requirements.

Curacao is open to foreign investments

When asking why should one open a company in Curacao, the answer is simple: the small Caribbean island allows foreigners to fully own companies here. And this is the first advantage Curacao offers to foreign investors.

From an economic point of view, Curacao offers:

  • –          a stable living and working environment;
  • –          an educated and multilingual labor force;
  • –          it is located at the crossroads of the Americas and Europe;
  • –          it offers the same type of company structures just like the Netherlands.

Our company registration agents in the Netherlands can explain the type of companies which can be registered in Curacao.

The most prolific investment industries in Curacao

Those who want to start businesses in Curacao can invest in various sectors. Apart from tourism for which the island is known, there are also many other good investment sectors, among which:

  • –          the financial one;
  • –          technology;
  • –          renewable energy;
  • –          manufacturing;
  • –          the creative industries;
  • –          logistics.

Curacao also has one of the most developed transportation industries in the region, as it serves as an international air and maritime transportation hub.

Curacao offers many tax incentives

Foreign investors will usually ask about the taxation system of a country they want to open a company is. Here is what Curacao has to offer:

  • –          investment incentives, such as income tax exemptions for foreigners;
  • –          investment allowances;
  • –          special tax breaks for trading companies;
  • –          a free-zone tax regime;
  • –          one of the lowest VATs in the world – 6%;
  • –          no withholding taxes on certain incomes repatriated to investors’ home countries.

For full information on why you should open a company in Curacao, please contact our Dutch company formation advisors. We can also help you open a company in the Netherlands.