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The Main Provisions of the Dutch Work and Care Act

The Main Provisions of the Dutch Work and Care Act

One of the most important steps when opening a company in the Netherlands is hiring employees. Whether from outside or inside of the country, all employees must be hired in accordance with the Labor Law, also known as the Work and Care Act in the Netherlands. It must also be noted that foreign employees are required to have work permits compared to local ones.

The labor legislation is made up of several laws which are explained by our company formation agents in the Netherlands.

The main regulations related to employment in the Netherlands

The following laws must be respected by companies hiring employees in the Netherlands, but also by the workers:

  • –          the Civil Law which provides for certain specific arrangements between employer and employee;
  • –          the Collective Agreement Act which is one of the oldest laws related to employment in the Netherlands;
  • –          the Aliens Employment Law which provides for foreign employees working in the Netherlands;
  • –          the EU regulations on employment which were transposed on the national employment regulations.

These together with other laws make the Work and Care Act in the Netherlands.

The content of the Dutch Work and Care Law

The Work and Care Law is made up of 8 chapters providing for:

  • –          general conditions of employment;
  • –          working hours;
  • –          specific regulations for working mothers;
  • –          short leaves under specific conditions, such as personal problems;
  • –          short-term leaves;
  • –          maternity leaves;
  • –          breaks during working periods;
  • –          final dispositions.

Our Dutch company formation advisors can offer more information on the rights and obligations of employers.

The 2015 Work and Care Law in the Netherlands

In 2015, the Netherlands amended the Work and Care Act which now provides for more time for maternity leave. It also encompasses paternity leave.

The new Work and Care Act specifies that the employee no longer needs to be working for at least one year in order to apply for parental leave. Also, care leave now has a broader meaning and can be obtained in more situations.

For full information on the new Work and Care Law, please contact us. We can also assist foreign investors who want to open companies in the Netherlands throughout the whole business registration process.