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Set Up an Information Technology Company in the Netherlands

Set Up an Information Technology Company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for having one of the best workforces in the world when it comes to the information technology. The modern infrastructure and the facilities offered by the authorities, as well as the creation of innovation clusters and special zones dedicated to this sector, are among the reasons why the largest IT companies in the world have established regional headquarters in the Netherlands.

Foreign investors interested in exploring the information technology industry in the Netherlands can establish from startups to large companies. Our company formation in the Netherlands can offer information on the facilities offered to companies operating in the information technology sector.

Registering a business in the Dutch information technology industry

As mentioned above, the Netherlands has enabled special zones in which many IT companies are concentrated. One of these areas is WestHolland which is the home to some of the most innovative companies in the Dutch information technology industry.

If you are interested in starting an IT company in WestHolland you can prepare the documents of incorporation and register your business with the Dutch Companies Register. Our company registration agents in the Netherlands can assist with the company formation procedure.

What are the types of businesses one can set up in the Dutch information technology sector?

The following types of IT companies can be registered in the Netherlands:

  • –          companies producing software;
  • –          companies selling software;
  • –          web design companies;
  • –          gaming companies;
  • –          research and development companies;
  • –          e-commerce companies;
  • –          companies manufacturing computer parts.

All companies operating in the Dutch information technology industry must register with the Office of Technology and Electronic Commerce. The Office will issue the licenses required to operate in this sector. Also, considering most of the software produced by Dutch IT companies are destined for export, export licenses will also be required.

Considering the information technology industry opens the door to many other economic sector, we invite you to contact us if you need information on how to set up a company in this or any relating sector. Our Dutch company formation consultants can help you set up an IT business in WestHolland or any other part of the country.