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Set Up an E-commerce Business in the Netherlands

Set Up an E-commerce Business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has one of the fastest Internet connections in the world, which is why the number of online stores has increased significantly during the last several years. However, a fast and reliable Internet connection is not an opportunity only for those who want to open online shops, but also for investors interested on research and development.

The online environment offers many investment possibilities, including in e-commerce. Young enterprisers can open e-commerce platforms in the Netherlands in dedicated areas like WestHolland. Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can assist those interested in setting up an e-commerce business in WestHolland.

An overview of the e-commerce sector in the Netherlands

During the last several years, the use of Internet among the Dutch population has increased to 92%, which makes the Netherlands one of the most connected countries in the world. The Dutch e-commerce industry has also risen, and the incomes reported by online shops reached 18 billion euros at the end of 2016.

This year, the turnover of Dutch e-commerce businesses is expected to grow by 20% and earn more than 24 billion euros. The most popular types of e-commerce platforms in the Netherlands are clothing and electronics online shops.

How to set up an e-commerce platform in the Netherlands

Foreign and local enterprisers can create e-commerce platforms by following the classic Dutch company formation steps. Following that, a domain name which can be the company’s trade name must be registered and the website must be created.

Even if an e-commerce shop is not required to comply with certain requirements applicable to physical stores, there are other requisites they must include. Among these, the web platform must display the following information on the company:

  • –          the registered address which was filed with the Trade Register;
  • –          valid phone number and e-mail address;
  • –          general terms when entering the website.

Dutch e-commerce platform can issue electronic formats of contracts; however, these must comply with the regulations of the Contract Law.

For full information on how to open an e-commerce business in the Netherlands and assistance in registering a company, please contact our local advisors.