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Set Up a Hotel in the Netherlands

Set Up a Hotel in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most visited countries in Europe thanks to its landscapes but also to the cheap hotel fares. Apart from these, the Netherlands is one of the friendliest countries to visitors, not to mention to foreign investors coming to do business here. Those interested in starting a business in the tourism industry can choose to set up a travel agency or a hotel, each option having huge return possibilities.

Foreign investors seeking to open a hotel in this country, can rely on our company registration consultants in the Netherlands for information on the legislation covering the tourism industry.

Dutch company formation in the hotel sector

Before starting to operate as an accommodation provider in the Netherlands, one must choose a business form and register a company with the Dutch Companies Registrar. The limited liability company is one of the most popular types of structures used to set up businesses in the tourism sector, including when opening a hotel in the Netherlands.

Foreign entrepreneurs can either start a hotel by constructing the building themselves or can purchase a hotel and remodel it. No matter the option, there are certain requirements they must comply with.

Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can assist with the company registration procedure for setting up a hotel.

Licenses for opening a hotel in the Netherlands

Once the company is registered with the Trade Register and the tax authorities, the Dutch hotel owner must apply for an environmental license with the local authorities where the hotel is located. The location must also undergo inspections from the fire department and the food and veterinary authorities in the city. A food license will also be required if the hotel will have a restaurant on the premises. It is quite common in the Netherlands for hotels to offer various services, including onsite food services.

Dutch hotels will also undergo a classification. Hotel classification starts at one star and ends at five stars in the Netherlands.

For full information on the requirements to set up a hotel in the Netherlands, please feel free to contact us. We can also assist with the company formation process in the Netherlands.