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Set Up a Dutch Business for Selling Coffee,Tea and Spices

Set Up a Dutch Business for Selling Coffee,Tea and Spices

There is a wide variety of businesses which can be set up in the Netherlands, depending on the enterpriser’s skills and amount of money willing to invest. One of the low-cost businesses which is starting to gain popularity is the creation of small coffee shops in which one can sell various products, among which coffee, tea and spices.

Foreign investors who want to open coffee shops and sell spices, tea and coffee must comply with several laws, among which one of the most important is the Drug Law. This is because coffee shops in the Netherlands are allowed to sell cannabis.

Below, our Dutch company formation consultants will guide you through the requirements related to setting up a coffee, tea and spices sales business.

Registering a company for selling coffee, tea and spices in the Netherlands

The first step to set up a coffee shop in the Netherlands is to incorporate a company or set up a sole proprietorship with the relevant authorities. The type of structure will depend on the size of the business.

Next, the business owner must apply for the necessary licenses related to selling coffee, tea and spices. Considering most of these products are imported, an import license is required. The business owner must pay attention to the fact that coffee, tea and spices can be imported based on specific documents.

Our company registration agents in the Netherlands can help with the incorporation of the business and can guide you through the licensing procedure.

Other licenses for selling coffee, tea and spices in the Netherlands

One of the most important aspects to consider when setting up a business for the sale of coffee, tea and spices is that the Dutch authorities allow for these products to be sold on the street or from door to door. For these purposes, a street trader’s permit is required. This can be obtained with the municipalities in the city where the business operates.

In case the coffee, tea and spices are sold in a market, a market trader’s permit is required.

For full information on the licenses required to set up a business for selling coffee, tea and spices in the Netherlands, please contact us. You can also rely on us for guidance in registering a company in the Netherlands.