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Set Up a Company in the Forestry Sector in the Netherlands

Set Up a Company in the Forestry Sector in the Netherlands

Foreign investors interested in other business opportunities than the usual ones which include manufacturing, hospitality and innovation can try the forestry sector. Most investors do not know that close to 10% of the country’s surface is covered by forests. Moreover, the Netherlands enabled the first legislation related to the use of forest lands in 1917 under the name of the Forest Act.

This is not the only law governing the exploitation of Dutch forests, as enterprisers interested in starting a forestry business here must also comply with recent laws, such as:

  • –          the Estate Act which provides for several tax benefits for those who own land, including forests in the Netherlands;
  • –          the Nature Conservation Law;
  • –          the Flora and Fauna Act, which is the most recent law governing silvicultural exploitation.

Our company registration agents in the Netherlands can offer more information on these laws.

Dutch company formation in the forestry industry

Local and foreign investors who want to open forestry companies in the Netherlands must go through the same procedure as starting any other type of business. What they need be aware of is that they can either buy the land they want to exploit or lease it from Dutch public companies or from the state. Most forest lands in the Netherlands are owned by public entities or by the state.

The licenses to exploit woods from Dutch forests must be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our local company formation consultants can assist with the registration of a business in the forestry sector in the Netherlands.

What types of companies can one set up on the Dutch forestry sector?

Renewable energy is one of the most advanced industries in the Netherlands and it relies on the use of compost coming from local forests. Investors who want to set up a business in the Dutch forestry industry can set up a timber factory, however they can also explore the renewable energy sector.

Dutch companies can also sell raw wood materials used to manufacture panels, sawn and cellulose. Certified wood material destined for export is also sought in the Netherlands.

For more information on the forestry sector in the Netherlands and assistance in opening a company, please contact our company registration advisors.