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Relocate Your UK Company to the Netherlands After Brexit

Relocate Your UK Company to the Netherlands After Brexit

Brexit is one of the most important changes that have happened at the level of the entire European Union since its existence, however, British business owners were the most affected by it as it had a direct impact on their operations and profits.

At the moment the UK government announced the country was going to exit the EU, companies had to make important decisions in respect to their operations within the European Block and relocating their activities was probably one of the solutions.

Now that Brexit had turned into a reality, one can decide to relocate a UK company to the Netherlands and continue operating.

Below, our Dutch company formation specialists explain how a British company can be relocated here after Brexit. We can help you find a suitable solution and implement it. Our company formation agents can also help you buy a shelf company in the Netherlands if you choose this option to start a business in this country.

Options for UK company relocation to the Netherlands

British business owners who consider continuing the operations of their UK companies in the UK by relocating them to the Netherlands after Brexit, have several options among which:

  • – they can incorporate new companies in the Netherlands while keeping their original business in the UK,
  • – they can register branch offices or subsidiary companies in order to expand their activities in the Netherlands,
  • – they can choose to move their entire operations to the Netherlands after shutting down the ones in the UK.

Either option is possible with the help of our company registration agents in the Netherlands, except for company liquidation in the UK which must be completed locally.

Choosing a suitable company relocation option

When deciding what’s best for one’s business there are several aspects to consider. Company owners must first decide whether they want to do business in the UK and the EU or they want to move their companies and service the EU market alone. Both options are also possible, by relocating the UK company to the Netherlands and keeping a local office in the United Kingdom.

Together with our company formation advisors, UK business owners can choose a suitable option.

Steps for relocating a UK company to the Netherlands after Brexit

 Those who decide to move their operations to the EU and decide for the Netherlands must complete the following steps:

  1. the UK company must liquidate its activities in the UK and be de-registered from the local Trade Register,
  2. at the same time, the preparations for incorporating a new company in the Netherlands can be initiated,
  3. this will imply preparing the documents for the new business which can be handled by our local advisors,
  4. at last, the new Dutch company will be registered with the Trade Register.

Our local consultants can provide a list with the documents that need to be prepared in case of business relocation to the Netherlands after Brexit.

Aspects to consider for UK company relocation to the Netherlands

When the decision to relocate a UK business to the Netherlands after Brexit has been made, there are a few important aspects take into account. Among these, the brand of a well-established business should be maintained and that can be done by keeping the name of the old company (the name must be reserved with the Dutch Companies Register provided that it is still available. This shouldn’t be a problem if the name is registered as a trademark).

Then, the selection of the business form is of great importance as it is easier to choose a legal entity that is easy and simple to incorporate. From this point of view, the private limited liability company (BV) offers important benefits.

For those who want to keep presences both in the UK and the Netherlands, the branch office and the subsidiary are good alternatives, and the decision should be made in accordance with the size of the business and how large the markets they address are. However, given the fact that the Netherlands is part of the European Union which is a great consumer market at an international level, the decisions should be easy to make.

When deciding between creating a new business and relocating an existing one, these are all important matters to consider.

Why relocate a UK company to the Netherlands after Brexit

Apart from being a member state of the European Union, the Netherlands:

  • – is the 5th largest economy in Europe,
  • – has one of the most open economies in the world and it was ranked 42nd in the World Bank’s 2019 Doing Business Report,
  • – also has the 12th largest Gross Domestic Product per capita in the world,
  • – economy is expected to grow by 0.8% in 2021 after the fall in 2020.

If you decide to relocate your UK business to the Netherlands after Brexitcontact our local representatives for support.