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Open a Private Limited Company in the Netherlands

Open a Private Limited Company in the Netherlands

Foreign investors who come to the Netherlands and decide to start their own businesses here will usually choose the most popular legal entity local entrepreneurs rely on. In this country, the private limited liability company, simply known as the BV, is by far the most employed because of several benefits it offers, but also because it can be used for various purposes.

As entrepreneur, if you want to open a private limited company in the Netherlands, you need to comply with a few requirements. Our Dutch company formation agents are at your service if you decide on this business form.

Characteristics of the private limited company in the Netherlands

The BV is a legal entity that has a separate legal personality from that of the shareholders. When it comes to shareholders, the minimum number is one and can be a natural person or company, local or foreign.

With these minimum registration requirements, the private limited company in the Netherlands is by far one of the simplest business form one can register in this country.

Recent changes in the legislation have led to the abolishment of the share capital requirements imposed until now for this enterprise, so the minimum amount is now 1 euro, as requested by the law. This enables the investor to have more flexibility in terms of financial resources he or she is willing to inject in the first phase in the business.

Our company registration advisors in the Netherlands are at your service for guidance in setting up a BV.

Steps to open a Dutch BV

The steps for opening a private limited company in the Netherlands are the same as for a public company, for example. They imply:

  1. choosing a trading name which must also contain the abbreviation BV;
  2. opening the company’s bank account for the share capital;
  3. preparing the incorporation documents;
  4. filing the documents with the local office of the Companies Register (the local office in the city the business will be established);
  5. registering for taxation and value added tax with the Dutch tax services;
  6. applying for the necessary business operating licenses.

The creation of a private limited company in the Netherlands is completed in a matter of days. The setup can be done remotely with the help of our local specialists who can handle the procedure on your behalf. Our company formation agents can also help you buy a shelf company in the Netherlands if you choose this option to start a business in this country.

Formalities to complete before registering a BV in the Netherlands

For a smooth registration of a private limited company in the Netherlands, there are a few formalities you can complete in order to ensure your business will be up and running in just a few days. Among these, the trading name can be researched prior to its submission for approval.

One of the procedures that require time is finding the space where the head office of the company will be established, as the exact address must be provided to the Registrar prior to incorporation. One of the fastest solutions in this case is the virtual office which meets all the legal requirements imposed by the Company Law. However, this is a temporary solution.

With respect to the documents to prepare for filing, we recommend getting in touch with our officers for assistance in having translated the papers you must submit with the Commercial Register.

The main advantages of a private limited company in the Netherlands

The private limited company in the Netherlands is one of the most versatile business entities available in this country. It can be used for various purposes, including for the creation of a Dutch startup, one of the most popular entities among young entrepreneurs.

The BV can be employed for most of the activities one can undertake in the Netherlands, among import and export – a traditional industry of this country, especially when the business is set up in port cities like Rotterdam or Amsterdam, but also in the IT field, considering this is one of the most appealing sectors for foreign investors all over Europe.

Opening a private limited company in the Netherlands is simple and fast, so do not hesitate to use no matter the operations you are interested in.

Statistics on the number of companies operating in the Netherlands

According to a survey published by Dutch Statistics Office, at the level of 2020, there were 1.9 million companies operating in this country. Among these:

  • – 374,000 were operating in the services sector;
  • – 243,000 were trading enterprises;
  • – 200,000 were construction companies.

Most of them were small enterprises with less than 5 employees (93% of them), while the rest had more than 5 employees.

If you want to start a business and register it as a private limited company in the Netherlands, please contact our company formation specialists for support.