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Open Energy Company in WestHolland

Open Energy Company in WestHolland

WestHolland is a region located in the middle of the Netherlands which currently has a blooming market characterized especially by the oil and gas resources, thus, many foreign investors choose to set up an energy company in West Holland. The energy sector plays an important part in the Dutch national income, exports and employment. Until now, over 2,250 foreign investors came to WestHolland to run their businesses.

Registering an energy company in WestHolland

If you want to register an energy company in WestHolland, there are a few steps to be followed:

– The first step is verifying the uniqueness of the name you have chosen for the company. The name will be reserved and you will also receive a certificate for it;
– The second step is to open a bank account and lodge the minimum capital share;
– The third step is to notarize the certificate of incorporation which is sent to the Chamber of Commerce with all the other documents of the new firm. In a few hours, you will receive the registration number. The incorporation of the company will be registered with the Trade Register and then it will be published in the Official Gazette;
– Also, the investors need a tax number so they can deliver a registration form at the local tax authorities. The registration form for the income tax must be submitted separately.

One more important thing is that you will have to file for the licenses and permits necessary to start your energy business in WestHolland. For example, you will need a permit for all activities regarding building, restoration and environment. Nevertheless, our specialists in company incorporation will assist you to understand and complete this process as quick as possible.

Starting a business in the Netherlands requires a lot of planning and time especially when you are not accustomed to the local market. Our company formation agents specialize in assisting foreign business people with administrative, legal, and tax processes related to registration. So, do not hesitate to contact us for support.

Setting up an energy firm in WestHolland

If you want to set up a company in WestHolland, you have to prepare the papers of association and the specimen signatures, complete the forms and present copies of identity documents of the investors who are going to run the business. The company setup procedures in WestHolland demand for a public notary who signs and analyzes the acts. Also, the one who opens the energy company needs to have a bank account in WestHolland. After the registration, the company should hire an accountant.

If they want to invest in WestHolland, foreign investors have many benefits:

– business support societies;
– a proper physical environment for entrepreneurs;
– WestHolland is considered to have a rapidly growing economy;
– the Netherlands is an important member of the European Union.

WestHolland is a region in Netherlands that is famous for its stable industry and for its government that supports the development of businesses. Our agents offer assistance regarding the establishment of an energy company in the Netherlands, so feel free to contact us.