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Open a Truck Company in the Netherlands

Open a Truck Company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most prolific logistics centers in Europe which is why the number of this type of companies is a very large one compared to other EU countries. Most foreign investors starting a logistics business in the Netherlands opt for truck companies because of the developed road transportation system the country has.

Foreign investors interested in opening a truck company, can obtain information on the transportation regulations from our Dutch company formation agents.

Requirements to start a Dutch truck company

The first requirement to start a truck business in the Netherlands is to choose the appropriate type of structure and register it with the Trade Register. Our company registration consultants in the Netherlands can assist with the necessary documentation and its filing with the Trade Register.

The Netherlands is also part of the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover which allows Dutch road freight companies to transport goods under the TIR Convention and thus benefit from various advantages. Among these advantages are the simplified customs procedures and simplified transport methods. Road transportation must only be made by holders of TIR carnets.

Special regulations for truck companies in the Netherlands

As mentioned above only holders of TIR carnets are allowed to transport goods under the convention with the same name, which means the Dutch truck company must hire specialized drivers who have obtained this type of permit. Apart from that, the vehicles used by these companies are also subject to various requirements. One of these requirements is that the goods must be ensured by the Dutch truck company. Also, the truck carrying the goods must be approved by the Customs Authorities in the Netherlands. They must also pass the verification of the road transportation authority in the country.

 For the import or export of certain goods, the truck company could also be required to apply for certain special licenses. While on Dutch territory all trucks must respect traffic regulations imposed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

For assistance in setting up truck company in the Netherlands, please feel free to contact our company registration representatives.