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Open a Shop in the Netherlands

Open a Shop in the Netherlands

Foreign citizens relocating to the Netherlands have the possibility to work in local companies or start their own businesses. During the last several years the number of those choosing the latter option has increased considerably thanks to the support offered by the government for startups.

One of the easiest ways of having one’s self company is to set up a shop in the Netherlands. This is because there are a few requirements and licenses which must be obtained. Another great advantage is that most of the products may come from local producers, especially fast-moving consumer goods which can be sold quickly at a relatively low cost.

Our Dutch company formation agents can help with the company registration procedure when opening a shop.

How to register a shop in the Netherlands

The first step to set up a Dutch shop is to register a company with the Trade Register. The company formation procedure in the Netherlands implies:

  • –          selecting a trade name;
  • –          choosing a business form;
  • –          registering the chosen business form;
  • –          registering for taxation;
  • –          registering for social security;
  • –          opening a bank account, including a merchant account, if desired.
  • –          applying for the necessary licenses to start operating.

With respect to the licenses related to opening a shop in the Netherlands, the requirements will depend on the products which will be sold by the company.

Licenses related to opening a shop in the Netherlands

The market license is one of the most important permits related to opening a shop in the Netherlands. It enables both companies and Dutch sole traders to sell their products. The market license is issued by the local municipality in the city where the shop operates.

Apart from the market licensesetting up a shop in the Netherlands will also imply certain safety measures which must be taken by the owners, an insurance for the products to be sold, signing various contracts with suppliers and, in some cases, import permits for the products brought from outside the Netherlands.

For full information on how to open a shop in the Netherlands, please feel free to contact us. You can also rely on our company registration consultants in the Netherlands for assistance with the incorporation of the business.