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Open a Security Technology Company in WestHolland

Open a Security Technology Company in WestHolland

The Netherlands is one of the most modern countries in Europe and hosts some of the largest innovative companies in the world. It is also home to many regional centers where innovative projects are encouraged. WestHolland is one of the largest and most developed regions in the Netherlands which also serves as an incubator for innovative companies. One of the industries promoted in WestHolland is security technology.

The security technology sector in WestHolland

Foreign investors seeking to open a security technology company in the Netherlands have the possibility to use the most advanced features and incentives provided in WestHolland by several innovation centers. Among these, the most famous are The Hague Delta Security and the BorderSecurity Innovation Center (BIC).

Hague is also one of the largest innovation centers in the world, ranked among the top 4 United Nations’ most reputable cities in the domain of Peace, Justice and Security. The city also hosts some of the largest security technology companies in the world. The Hague Delta Security was developed by these multinationals as a non-profit organization that advertises and endorses the collaboration between public and private companies in the innovation field of security technology.

If you are considering the costs of setting up a business in Netherlands, you should know that they depend on several factors. The type of legal entity chosen (the small the company, the lower the costs), the licensing process and the rental of office space and/or other operational facilities, in accordance with operations.

Starting a security technology company in WestHolland

The first step towards establishing a security technology company in WestHolland is to draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association and also prepare other documents related to company incorporation in Holland. Our Dutch specialists can help you with the documentation for opening a security technology company.

Once the documents are ready they must be submitted with the Dutch Companies Registrar in order to obtain a Certificate of Incorporation, followed by an application for a tax number. The last step will be to apply for the necessary business license related to security technology operations.

For licensing options for running a security technology company in WestHolland, please contact our agents in the Netherlands.