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Open a Life Science Company in WestHolland

Open a Life Science Company in WestHolland

WestHolland is one of the most developed industrial regions in the Netherlands. It is at the same time one of the most modern regions accommodating some of the latest technologies in the world. Foreign investors coming to WestHolland will benefit from a state-of-art infrastructure connecting airports, railways and road transportation routes and also an advantageous taxation system. The most thriving industries international enterprisers can invest in WestHolland are the IT&C, the energy, the agriculture and the life science industries. Among these, the life science sector has transformed WestHolland into one of the most developed biotech centers in Europe.

The life sciences industry in WestHolland

The Medical Delta is one of the largest life science centers in Europe. Located in WestHolland, the Medical Delta has gathered some of the most active companies in the life science and biotechnology companies in the world. WestHolland also hosts the Leiden Bio Science Park which was voted the Best Business Park in the Netherlands and which is home to a large number of Dutch life science companies.

Foreign investors are welcome to apply to several programs which will help them with the establishment of life science companies in WestHolland. Additionally to opening a business in the Netherlands, you must also consider a few more steps. For example, registering for taxation and appointing an accountant is crucial when you operate in the country that offers many tax incentives. So, contact us to benefit from what the Netherlands has to offer from a taxation point of view.

Opening a life sciences company in WestHolland

The registration procedure of a biotech company in the Netherlands is not difficult. The first step is to submit all the required documentation with the Dutch Companies Register and obtain the company’s Certificate of Incorporation. The following procedure involves obtaining the commercial license which depends on the type of business one intends to carry. The life science industry in WestHolland is divided into:

  • –          bio technology,
  • –          medical technology,
  • –          research and development,
  • –          product development.

Additionally, foreign investors can take advantage of the numerous tax incentives provided by the Government and local agencies in WestHolland.

For complete information about all the programs developed by the Government and local agencies in WestHolland for supporting the life science industry, please contact us..