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Open a Company in the Insurance Sector in the Netherlands

Open a Company in the Insurance Sector in the Netherlands

Dutch companies are among the largest insurance and reinsurance services providers in Europe. With a sound legislation covering all the types of services an insurance company can offer, the Netherlands has become a preferred destination for investors and foreign companies establishing operations, respectively regional headquarters in cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

If you are interested in starting a company in the insurance industry, you can obtain information related to the rules you must follow from our Dutch company formation representatives.

Starting an insurance company in the Netherlands

Foreign investors setting up companies in the insurance sector in the Netherlands must first register a private or a public limited liability company with the Dutch Trade Register. Like any other company offering financial services, an insurance company must also register with the Financial Supervisory Authority in the Netherlands (DNB) which keeps a register of insurers.

The following services can be provided by companies operating in the insurance sector in the Netherlands:

  • –          life insurance services;
  • –          non-life insurance services;
  • –          funeral insurance services.

Foreign insurance and reinsurance companies are also allowed to offer their services in the Netherlands through branch offices which have obtained a specific license issued by the Dutch National Bank.

Licenses for insurance and reinsurance companies in the Netherlands

As seen above, the National Bank is the main authority issuing the licenses related to offering any type of insurance or reinsurance services in the Netherlands. In order to set up a company in the Dutch insurance sector, one must apply for these licenses which are issued after the company submits several documents, including a sound business plan.

Insurance and reinsurance companies in the Netherlands are also required to meet certain criteria related to the directors and employees who must obtain various qualifications. The minimum share capital an insurance company must deposit is 1.2 million euros, while the maximum amount is 3.7 million euros. The capital depends on the services the insurance company provides.

For assistance in starting a business in the insurance sector, please feel free to contact our company registration consultants in the Netherlands.