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Open a Company in Agriculture in the Netherlands

Open a Company in Agriculture in the Netherlands

Foreign investors coming to the Netherlands have earned significant amounts of money from the agriculture industry. Their investments have transformed the Netherlands into one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the worldAgricultural companies and small farms are estimated to generate around 65 billion euros to the Dutch Gross Domestic Product on a yearly basis. The main law governing the agriculture industry is the Dutch Food and Drug Act.

Our company formation consultants in the Netherlands can offer information on the laws governing the agriculture sector.

Starting a business in the Dutch agriculture sector

The limited liability company is the most employed type of structure when setting up a business in the agriculture industry in the Netherlands. Both local and foreign investors benefit from the same treatment from the government if they are interested in accessing funds for starting a company in this great industry. The agriculture sector in the Netherlands covers many areas among which horticulture and livestock are two of the most important ones.

The Netherlands is also known as the one of the most important suppliers of flowers and bulbs which is why starting a company with the purpose of exporting these products is very profitable.

Our company registration agents in the Netherlands can assist with the incorporation of the company.

Licensing of agricultural companies in the Netherlands

It is quite simple to register a business in the Dutch agriculture industry once one has gathered all the information. However, one must pay attention to the special licenses to be obtained after the company was registered. The following types of licenses are available for agricultural companies in the Netherlands:

  • –          import and export licenses for animals and animal products;
  • –          a seafarer certificate, if the products are brought into the country by sea;
  • –          license for the transport of livestock;
  • –          a genetically modified organisms permit, where applicable;
  • –          excavation permit, if necessary;
  • –          license to transport compost.

Dutch agricultural companies are also subject to phytosanitary inspections.

For full information on the registration procedure of an agricultural company, please contact our Dutch company formation representatives.