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How to Sell Shares of a Dutch Company

How to Sell Shares of a Dutch Company

The decision to sell the shares of a Dutch company can be linked to the expansion or the business and the need to generate more income. The new capital can be used to pay debts or it can be reinvested in the company.

Dutch company can decide to sell its shares or transfer them and in order to do so, it will have to observe the requirements set forth in the articles of association as well as draw-up a notarial deed (for share transfers). Companies can go public by listing on the Stock Exchange and offer their shares to the public. This is an option reserved only for some company types and our company formation experts in the Netherlands can give you complete details about the particularities of each type of Dutch company.

Selling the shares of a company in the Netherlands 

The ability to sell the shares of a Dutch company to the public will depend on the type of company. The Dutch N.V. is the type of company that can trade its shares publicly on the Stock Market. This is not an option for the Dutch B.V., the private limited liability company, which has private registered shares that are not freely transferable. 

For most public limited liability company in the Netherlands, the option of listing on the Stock Exchange is the best option to sell shares. Euronext is the stock exchange available in the Netherlands to company owners who want to go public. 

Share transfer in the Netherlands

Registered Dutch shares can be transferred by means of a notarial deed. The transfer process takes place before a Dutch civil law notary. Any limitations on the transfer of shares or indications as to the development of the process will be included in the articles of association of the Dutch public or private limited liability company. 

A Dutch company can be acquired by means of a share purchase or an asset purchase. The two processes are different in terms of the liability that comes with the purchase. In the case of a share purchase, the buyer also acquires the liabilities and obligations of that company.

Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can give you more information about selling and buying shares in a company and the options available to investors.