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How to Purchase Shares of a Dutch Company

How to Purchase Shares of a Dutch Company

Investors who want to purchase shares of a Dutch company can do so directly or through a dividend reinvestment plan. This can be done to gain the ownership stake in the company or as part of a larger stock investment plan in more than one Dutch company.

The Netherlands is a country that welcomes foreign investments and any international companies have opened their headquarters here. The same characteristics that make the country appropriate for larger company investments are also beneficial for investors who want to open a Dutch company and later sell stock to outside investors.

Direct stock purchases in the Netherlands 

A common way to buy shares in a Dutch company is to buy stock directly from the company that is issuing it. Large foreign companies are most often the most sought after and most companies will provide a direct stock purchase plan.  A benefit of using this method is avoiding commissions although a minimum deposit will generally be necessary.

The process of buying the stock is mutually beneficial: the investor maximizes his earnings while the company can raise additional funds at low costs. The companies that allow for direct stock purchases will make this information public. Our company formation agents in the Netherlands can help you with information about the Dutch companies that offer public shares and the listings of the Euronext Amsterdam. 

Buying stock in the Netherlands 

Another two options that are available to investors in the Netherlands are stock purchase through brokerage or through dividend reinvestment plans.

Companies sometimes use the dividend reinvestment plan and this allows investors to use the amounts gained through dividends to reinvest in the same company by purchasing additional shares.

The brokerage is another method for purchasing shares in a Dutch company. This method is suited for investors who want to have an expert manage their share investments in the Netherlands. The extra account management will be more costly than other options.

If you want to know more about investing in the Netherlands or opening a company here please do not hesitate to contact our company formation agents in the Netherlands.