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Fiduciary Services in the Netherlands

Fiduciary Services in the Netherlands

Operations that cannot be completed by someone in person can be entrusted to a fiduciary. This principle applies in the Netherlands in relation to various actions. In most cases, the fiduciary is met in the financial sector which provides for specific duties and power of fiduciaries.

In time, the services provided by a fiduciary have extended in other domains where the need of a person to act on behalf of another one has increased. In the Netherlands, the fiduciary can be not only a person, but also a company or organization which represents another person or corporate entity based on a power of attorney and a services contract.

Below, we invite you to discover our fiduciary services in the Netherlands. Also, if you want to open a company in the Netherlands and need assistance, our agents can help you.

Categories of fiduciaries in the Netherlands

Most of the times, fiduciaries are found in the financial sector, however, the fiduciary duties are one of the main responsibilities of company directors. This why, when discussing Dutch fiduciary services, there are several of categories of fiduciaries we can consider. Among these, we mention:

  1. the trustee which is one of the most common fiduciary service providers in the Netherlands and Europe, in general;
  2. company directors who are not fiduciaries per se, however, they are entrusted with fiduciary duties and powers;
  3. various agents, among which we mention lawyers, who can provide such services for clients;
  4. financial advisors who are the most common in the Netherlands in respect to the legislation in this industry.

As a general aspect, a fiduciary will usually be in charge with managing and administering assets on behalf of beneficiaries, especially when it comes to Dutch trusts.

Our company formation agents in the Netherlands offer fiduciary services related to the creation of a business in this country.

The most important qualities of Dutch fiduciaries

When offering fiduciary services for Dutch clients, there are several aspects to consider in respect to the qualities a person must have. Among these, the client needs to understand that the fiduciary will be entrusted with various duties and powers, among which the obligation of not creating conflicts of interest and obtain unlawful profits. These duties arise no matter if the fiduciary services are provided in a well-regulated framework such as asset management related to investment funds in the Netherlands, or in other sectors not so much regulated.

The fiduciary must act in good faith, with direction and in the best interest of the client. He or she will also have access to important information about the beneficiary, which is why it is important to appoint trustworthy agents, or in the case of Dutch investment funds, authorized managers.

With respect to the Dutch company formation procedure, the fiduciary will need to have the same qualities. Experience can often be a good resume when appointing a fiduciary.

Tailored fiduciary services in the Netherlands

In the past few years, one of the most sought fiduciary services in the Netherlands has become associated with the business registration procedure. These are usually sought by foreign businesspersons and qualified investors seeking to start a business, respectively an investment fund in the Netherlands.

Both types of investors can benefit from the fiduciary services provided by our company registration specialists in the Netherlands who can handle the preparation and filing of all the documents that need to be filed with the Companies Register. Here are our main fiduciary services:

  • – nominee services for those who want to open offshore companies in the Netherlands;
  • – services related to the creation and registration of investment fund vehicles;
  • – agent services related to handling relations with various authorities;
  • – management and trustee services associated with the administration of various assets.

You can ask our local consultants about all the fiduciary services available with us in the Netherlands.

Why invest in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the most performant economies of the EU as the country relies heavily on foreign direct investments (FDIs). According to statistics:

  • – in 2018, the Netherlands was the 6th largest FDI recipient in the world, according to the United Nations;
  • – in the same year, the country has also registered an increase in FDI inflows which reached 69.6 billion USD;
  • – Luxembourg was the most important investor with a share of 15.1% of the total stock, followed by the US with a share of 13.2%;
  • – the Netherlands ranks 42nd in the World Bank’s 2020 Doing Business Report.

If you need fiduciary services, do not hesitate to contact our Dutch company formation agents.