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Establish an Agricultural Business in WestHolland

Establish an Agricultural Business in WestHolland

Amongst the European countries, the Netherlands is seen as an idyllic place, with beautiful rural landscapes and important governmental policies to protect the environment and implement eco-friendly technologiesWest Holland is the most developed and urbanized part of the country, hosting cities such as Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam or Utrecht; still, the region has a great agricultural potential, as a part of the region has kept its rural nature. 

Agriculture in the Netherlands 

The Dutch policies towards environment and agriculture have transformed Holland in one of the most important exporter of agricultural productsThe Netherlands agriculture policies, also applied in West Holland, have as a core the idea of sustainability. When opening a company in the field of agriculture in West Holland, you should take into consideration the fact that although the Netherlands is not a large country, it is one of the world’s leading producers of fruits and vegetables, alongside with United States of America and France. As such, the Dutch economy is highly based on agricultural business

Key figures about the agricultural environment in the Netherlands

The climate in West Holland, as the one encountered in the rest of the country, is a mild one. The geographical position and the soil, together with the Dutch way of thinking towards agriculture, make this location a perfect one for opening an agricultural company

At the level of 2012, the agricultural exports raised to the value of 75.4 billion EUR. If you want to open a company in this field, our company formation specialists would highly recommend it, as more than half of the country’s surface is used for farming activitiesThe Netherlands has more than 10,000 hectares of greenhouses and the main vegetables produced here are: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, corn and onion. 

If you want to register an agricultural business in West Holland, please contact  our Dutch agents who can present to you the market opportunities in this field. 

Taxation is definitely one of the most important aspects when starting a business in the Netherlands. It should be noted that the corporate tax regulations have been changed recently which means that you are advised to seek support in order to find out what the new law says and how it can advantage you and your business.