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Establish a Fintech Company in the Netherlands

Establish a Fintech Company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has evolved quite a lot during the last several years from an economic point of view. This evolution has enabled investments in some of the most innovative tools which can be used in various industries. Perhaps one of the most spectacular leaps made is in the financial sector. The new branch of the financial industry is called financial technology which is known all over the world as fintech.

In order to encourage the development of new technologies which can be used by Dutch financial companies, the government has enabled various programs which provide for various incentives related to the fintech industry. Our company formation consultants in the Netherlands can offer information on the legislation related to the financial sector.

Dutch company formation in the financial technology sector

Foreign and local entrepreneurs who want to open companies in the Dutch fintech sector can register any type of structure available in the country. From partnerships to limited liability companies, a fintech company can take any form, depending on the amount willing to invest. Our company registration agents in the Netherlands can help choose and register any type of company you are interested in when setting up a business in the financial technology industry.

It should be noted that Dutch fintech companies can be divided into financial companies which will need to undergo an authorization process with the Authority for the Financial Markets, but they can also take the form of IT companies specialized in developing fintech programs which are not required to obtain any special license.

Types of activities of fintech companies in the Netherlands

Dutch fintech companies can undertake various activities which, as mentioned above, can imply offering modern financial services or to simply develop programs and software for easing financial transactions. Amon the activities a financial technology company can carry out in the Netherlands are:

  • –          creating innovative payment solutions;
  • –          offering payment services;
  • –          offering blockchain solutions;
  • –          creating cryptocurrency.

For assistance in opening a fintech business in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact us. We can also assist with the company formation process in the Netherlands.