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Establish a Company in the Fishing Sector in the Netherlands

Establish a Company in the Fishing Sector in the Netherlands

With access to two of the largest ports in Europe, the Netherlands is one of the best countries to start a fishing business in. Moreover, the Netherlands follows the Common Fishery Policy issued by the European Union, therefore most of the fish grown and exported from Dutch companies to other EU countries are not subject to special licenses or requirements.

Foreign investors who want to set up businesses in the fishing industry in the Netherlands have several choices. Among these fish farms and fishing companies which sell their products to other businesses are just two of the types of activities Dutch companies can undertake. Our company registration consultants in the Netherlands can assist with the incorporation of a fishing business.

Registering a company in the fishing industry in the Netherlands

The first step to create a fishing business in the Netherlands is to register a company, a process which can be completed by out Dutch company formation agents. Following that, the owner must purchase and register one or more boats with the Ministry of Transport, depending on the size of the company. Then, certain fishing licenses must be obtained with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. These licenses depend on the waters where the company carries out its activities.

Fishing regulations in the Netherlands

There are several types of fishing activities which can be carried out in the Dutch waters. Among these, the legislation provides for:

  • –          marine fishing activities;
  • –          inland fishing activities;
  • –          inshore fishing activities;
  • –          fish farming activities.

When opening a business in the fishing industry in the Netherlands, ones must also take into account the requirements related to landing, the unloading and the transportation of their products. The fishing boats must also have a seafarer certificate of competency and the employees must have certain qualifications. Dutch fishing companies must comply with the Total Allowable Catch quotas imposed by the authorities which are established annually.

Foreign investors who want to establish a company in the fishing sector in the Netherlands can rely on our company formation advisors for assistance with the registration procedure of the business, so please feel free to contact us.