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Create Dutch Business for Maintenance and Repair of Vehicles

Create Dutch Business for Maintenance and Repair of Vehicles

The Netherlands is one of the most important automotive centers in Europe. The country is not known for producing motor vehicles, however it is known for the production of equipment and spare parts for large auto vehicle manufacturers, and for the maintenance and repair services Dutch companies offer motor vehicle owners.

The Netherlands has one of the best prepared work forces in Europe in terms of repair and maintenance services. Those interested in opening companies with the purpose of supplying motor vehicle repair and maintenance services can rely on our Dutch company formation agents for assistance in registering the business.

Planning a motor vehicle repair and maintenance business

Before starting the registration process of a company for repair and maintenance services in the Netherlands, the owner must first draft a business plan, acquire the necessary equipment based on the plan and find the suitable premises to work in. From this point of view, the location of the motor vehicle repair shop must be accessible for clients.

How to register a repair and maintenance shop in the Netherlands

This type of business venture is suitable for both small and large companies, therefore the enterpriser can register as a sole trader and offer repair and maintenance services on his own, but the limited liability company is also a suitable business form.

The registration process of a business for repair and maintenance of motor vehicles is quite simple and can be carried out by our company registration advisors in the Netherlands.

Services offered by Dutch motor vehicle repair shops

The services offered by the Dutch company must be done in accordance with the equipment and preparation of the workers. Motor vehicle repair shops in the Netherlands can cater to the needs of car and motorbikes owners, but also to logistics companies which own entire fleets of trucks.

Among the services which can be offered by a repair and maintenance shop are:

  • – diagnosis services;
  • – bodywork services;
  • – mechanical work;
  • – electrical work;
  • – engineering services.

For full information on how to start a motor vehicle repair and maintenance business, please contact our Dutch consultants. We can also help with the registration of the company.