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Create a Dutch Company for Manufacture of Food Products

Create a Dutch Company for Manufacture of Food Products

Agriculture and manufacturing are two of the most important economic sectors of the Netherlands, together representing a large percentage of the food industry. Those who want to invest in any of these industries can set up Dutch companies for the manufacture of food products.

The opening of a company for the manufacture of food products in the Netherlands implies respecting various sector-specific regulations, as well as falling within the provisions of the Company Law.

Below, you can read about the procedure of setting up a business for manufacturing food products in the Netherlands. With the support of our Dutch company formation agents you can register such a business.

Registering a business in the Dutch manufacturing sector

Under the Company Law, any Dutch business must be registered under one of the available types of structures which can be employed by both local and foreign investors. For opening a Dutch company for manufacturing food products, the limited liability company (BV) is perhaps the best business form thanks to the fact that it can benefit from various tax advantages, as well as limited liability for the owners.

Our company registration consultants in the Netherlands can help you incorporate any business form if you want to set up a company for the manufacture of food products.

Legislation on manufacturing and selling food in the Netherlands

The main law which provides for the norms which need to be respected by companies manufacturing and selling food in the Netherlands and abroad is the Commodities Law. The act provides for labeling, products safety and public health regulations for companies manufacturing food products in the Netherlands and their sale inside and outside the country.

The activities of such companies are supervised by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority within the Ministry of Agriculture.

If you want to open a company in the Netherlands with the purpose of creating a business for manufacturing and selling food products, our local advisors can guide through the requirements you must fulfill.

Labeling requirements for Dutch companies manufacturing food

One of the most important requirements when manufacturing food products in the Netherlands is related to the correct labeling of the packages containing the products. Among the labeling requirements to be respected, we mention the following:

  1. for pre-packaged foodstuff, the name of the product must be displayed in Dutch;
  2. the label must contain information on the ingredients used to manufacture the product;
  3. the total and the net quantities of the product must be clearly stated on the label;
  4. the minimum best-before date or the expiration date must also be written on the label;
  5. companies are also required to display information about potential allergens on the label;
  6. all the information must also be available online for the clients of Dutch companies.

It is important to note that upon the opening of a business for manufacturing food products, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority will first inspect the premises of the company.

Other requirements for Dutch companies manufacturing food products

Creating a business for manufacturing foods products in the Netherlands has many advantages, especially when considering the country is a world leader in innovation and agriculture. Dutch companies can manufacture numerous types of food products, including new foods which must be registered under the EU legislation and for which approvals from the European Commission and the Dutch Ministry for Health, Welfare and Sports are required.

When it comes to the export of food products manufactured by Dutch companies, these must respect international regulations such as the Codex Alimentarius and the European Food Safety Authority’s regulations.

Our Dutch company formation specialists can explain the regulations related to exporting food products from the Netherlands.

Food and food manufacturing in the Netherlands

The food and manufacture of food sectors in the Netherlands are some of the important industries of its economy. Thanks to the global developments of the food sector, the Netherlands is currently one of the most important agricultural players in the world, and according to the Food Economic Report for 2018:

  • – the added value of the agricultural sector to the Dutch economy rose up to around 52 billion euros in 2016;
  • – at the time, the agriculture accounted for 7.4% of the Netherlands’ Gross Domestic Product;
  • – employment in the agricultural sector accounted for 8.7% of the total number of workers in 2016;
  • – in 2017, the number of companies in the food sector in the Netherlands was 5,450.

For assistance in setting up a company for the manufacture of food products in the Netherlands, please contact our local agents.