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Create a Company for Rental and Leasing Activities

Create a Company for Rental and Leasing Activities

Rental and leasing activities in the Netherlands have increased in the last years. Starting with 2011, the annual turnover of rental and leasing activities reached a value above EUR 11 billion. Investors interested in opening a company in the Netherlands providing rental or leasing services will have to respect a set of regulations, depending on the specific types of renting/leasing activities performed by the company (residential or commercial). Our team of specialists in company registration in the Netherlands can provide further information. 

Rent for residential purposes in the Netherlands 

One of the most common ways to perfom renting or leasing activities in the Netherlands is by opening a website where future customers can easily analyze the offers provided in this sense. As a general rule, a website should provide infomation on the respective location, the area in which it is situated, images of the rooms, information on the premises, the rent price etc

It is important to know that it is necessary to sign a rental/leasing contract, in which specific provisions will have to be included and our team of agents in company formation in the Netherlands can offer in-depth advice. 

Investors interested in starting the procedure of company formation in the Netherlands in this sector must know that residential sites in this country are divided into two main categories:

social housing;

private housing

Tenancy agreements in the Netherlands 

As mentioned above, the client that will rent a location for residential or commercial purposes will need to sign a contract. In a tenancy agreement, it is compulsory to specify information on the rent, its price and the period in which it must be paid, rules of the building (for pets, smoking and others) and the parties’ signatures. Investors may find out further information on the subject from our team of consultants in company formation in the Netherlands.