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Company Formation Services in Rotterdam

Company Formation Services in Rotterdam

Regardless of the type of Dutch company you chose to form in Rotterdam, our company formation agents in Netherlands are at your service for any information or advice. Choose a very simple way of starting a business in the Netherlands and benefit from services in company formation offered by our representatives. In addition, we also offer company formation services in Amsterdam.

Types of companies available for registration in Rotterdam

Most of the local and foreign entrepreneurs deciding to start a business in the Netherlands and who decide for Rotterdam, usually choose the private limited liability company (BV), however, other types of structures can also fulfill their business needs. Among these, we can help you set up the following types of companies in Rotterdam:

  1. sole proprietorships if you want to set up small businesses which do not require a complex structure;
  2. partnerships if you want to enter a business with a friend or another business partner;
  3. public companies if you want to open a large-sized business in the trading industry, for example;
  4. joint ventures, associations, franchises and other business forms if you do not want to follow the traditional route;
  5. subsidiaries and branches if you are the representatives of foreign companies seeking to enter the Netherlands.

Rotterdam is the city where all these business forms can thrive. With our tailored services, you can have a successful company in Rotterdam in the shortest time possible.

Open a company in Rotterdam

Netherlands offers many possibilities when it comes to business activities and one can open many types of companies. As such, our agents offer company formation services regardless of the type of company you choose to open. We can assist you and offer the legal advice you need for opening a Dutch BV company, meaning a limited liability company in the Netherlands, as well as partnerships such as general partnershipsDutch limited partnership or professional partnership.

We offer company formation services when opening a public liability company, as well as a branch or a subsidiary company in Amsterdam

Services provided by our agents in Rotterdam

Foreign investors coming to the Netherlands to set up businesses in Rotterdam can use our company formation services that are very extensive and client oriented. This means, that we can help you select an appropriate type of entity in accordance with your purpose and activities, but most importantly with the operations you will carry out in this magnificent city.

Then, we can assist with the preparation of the necessary documents for incorporating a business. Moreover, we can start the entire registration process before you come to the Netherlands, so if you decide to relocate here, you can simply start the immigration procedure and use your future business as reason to live here. With a power of attorney, our company formation agents in Rotterdam can draft the Articles of Association and file them with the local office of the Trade Register. Then, we can also handle the tax registration procedure, so when you arrive, the company is almost set up for starting its activities.

You can also rely on us for purchasing a virtual office service in the city of Rotterdam.

For those interested in relocating their companies from other countries or other Dutch cities, we can also provide tailored services in accordance with their new endeavors. Also, if you are considering changing the business structure of your company, this is possible in just a few steps that can be completed by our officers who can also explain you how to proceed.

Our main services are related to company registration in Rotterdam, however, if you need guidance in any other matters that have do to with setting up a business, you can rely on us.

For more information, do not hesitate to send us your questions via email for a personal consultation.

Complicated procedures for opening a company? Let us help you

Opening a company in any country can be a difficult process as many documents are needed in order to receive the required legal document to perform business. Among our company formation services is the assistance in all the procedures required for establishing companies in Rotterdam, such as drawing up the articles of association, fill in all forms and documents needed, as well as the signature specimens. 

We will guide you through all the specific steps an entrepreneur must follow to open a company in Rotterdam. You will have more time to focus on developing your business. 

Our company formation agents will help you from the first step, meaning veryfing if the chosen name of the company is unique and can be used. Such verification is done at the Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, we will help you open a bank account and deposit the specific minimum share capital for the chosen type of company and explain how the notarization of the company’s deed of incorporation has to be made.

Types of prolific activities in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is located in the heart of Holland, a Dutch region which hosts several important cities. It is easy to go from Rotterdam to Utrecht, Den Haag and Amsterdam which is why setting up a business here can be quite productive.

Rotterdam is one of the most important ports in Europe, which is why you will probably think that setting up a trading company is the best solution. However, Rotterdam offers plenty of other opportunities in terms of activities which can be completed here. Among these, real estate is one of most successful industries in Rotterdam, considering it is the second largest city in the Netherlands.

Tourism is another industry which flourished in the last few years in Rotterdam as a result of many hotels built in areas which are in full development, such as the Rotterdam Central District. Speaking about tourism, Rotterdam is only 20 minutes away from Schiphol Airport.

According to several studies but also judging by the large number of international companies with headquarters here, Rotterdam is a great destination for businesses in the energy, finance, maritime and logistics industries.

Rotterdam is also a great destination for a startup company, so if you decide to open a company here, no matter the sector you are interested in, you can rely on the company formation services offered by our Dutch agents.

We offer the possibility of opening a virtual office in Rotterdam

Entrepreneurs that already have a business in a city different than Rotterdam can build up a business in Rotterdam as well by opening a virtual office. Our company formation representatives offer among other services the possibility of opening a virtual office so you can start investigating if the city is a good business opportunity.

Accounting services in Rotterdam

A business activity depends on an accounting department to oversee all the economic facts, which is why we also offer tailored accounting services in Rotterdam. As mentioned earlier, there are many activities you can complete in Rotterdam and with the help of our accountants, you can maximize your profits through dedicated tax minimization schemes.

The preparation of all accounting documents in respect to the Generally Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) will be simple and easy with the help of our accounting services in the Netherlands.

We have developed all these services in order for you to benefit from what Rotterdam has to offer to the fullest.

Create a startup in Rotterdam with our help

Startups are quite popular in the Netherlands, and Rotterdam is a great city to launch such a business as the local authorities support innovation. As proof, there are plenty of business incubators and angel investors attracted by the idea of investing in ventures that are promising for the near future.

The creation of a startup in Rotterdam implies the same steps as when opening any other company in the Netherlands. From choosing a suitable legal form (in most cases we recommend the private limited liability company) to registering it, you can rely on our local company formation representatives.

Startups can operate in various industries, however, some of the most prolific at the moment are:

  • – e-commerce;
  • – education;
  • – fintech;
  • – biotechnology;
  • – healthcare and pharma.

When setting up a startup in the Netherlands, there are also certain legislation requirements that need to be met, especially in sectors like fintech and healthcare. These are also some of the most prolific economic sectors in which an entrepreneur can activate, considering they rely on innovation.

If you want to create a startup in Rotterdam, look no further and get in touch with our specialists for quick setup procedures.

Hiring local workforce

The Netherlands has one of the most educated work forces in Europe, as it is made of Dutch citizens, but also foreign ones (mainly EU citizens who have come here for studies and no longer left the country), which is why most employees speak English very well.

Even if the Dutch labor market is not one of the cheapest, it sure is one of the best in the European Union. However, as an entrepreneur you can decide to hire locals or foreign citizens from your country of residence. No matter the choice, you can obtain various tax benefits as an employer.

Most of the jobs in Rotterdam and neighboring areas are related to the services and IT sectors, which are also some of the industries to work the best.

A special attention could be paid to the Port of Rotterdam which is the largest port in Europe and it is one of the main attractions of this city, so if you are planning to open a company here, trading could be a good choice.

Rotterdam in numbers

The Netherlands itself is one of the greatest countries in Europe and European Union and choosing a part of it to open a company in can be difficult because of the numerous choices. Maybe these numbers on Rotterdam can make you choose it:

  • – the city has more than 400 years in successful trading activities;
  • – it counts no less than 170 nationalities living here;
  • – it is one of the 5 largest port cities in the world.

Rotterdam is also one of the most cosmopolite cities in the country, and it is a great center of excellence in various areas, among which innovation has developed at a fast pace in the last few years.

Should you have any questions related to our company formation and accounting services in Rotterdam, feel free to get in touch with us any time. We also invite you to watch our video:

Why choose Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is not worth investing in just because it is 2nd largest city in the Netherlands, but also because it is an important educational center with thousands of former students entering the labor market every year. The Netherlands also has one of the greatest retention rates when it comes to foreign workers, so a multi-lingual workforce will definitely be to your advantage.

For many years now, Rotterdam has been an important financial center in the Netherlands, thus if you want to create an investment fund here, you can do that through our company formation services.

In order to convince you that Rotterdam is one of the Netherlands’ hotspots, you should also know that:

  • – Rotterdam was named the European city of 2015;
  • – it was also the Netherlands’ Best City Centre between 2015 and 2017;
  • – Rotterdam is also the largest port in Europe and is still expanding;
  • – at the level of 2016, Rotterdam hosted more than 30 international companies;
  • – in 2016 there were around 175 nationalities living in Rotterdam;
  • – it is the 2nd largest city in the country with 629.900 inhabitants (in 2015) and it is expected for the local population to grow to 676.000 by 2030.

Rotterdam is also considered the most modern and one of the most innovative cities in the Netherlands.

Contact our company incorporation agents and they will offer you company formation services in Rotterdam and help you start a business in the Netherlands.