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Company Formation in Eindhoven

Company Formation in Eindhoven

Businessmen have plenty of choices in terms of Dutch cities when opening a company in the Netherlands. If until recently Amsterdam and Rotterdam were preferred destinations for foreign investors, thanks to the large ports these have, during the last several years other cities such as Utrecht, The Hague and Eindhoven have started catching the eye of most enterprisers.

Those who want to open companies in Eindhoven should know that they have plenty of industries to choose from, among which retail, construction of food and beverages and manufacturing. Our company formation consultants in the Netherlands can offer information on the registration of a business in Eindhoven.

Why open a company in Eindhoven?

The last two years have been very good for Eindhoven, as the city registered an economic growth above the Dutch economy. In 2016, Eindhoven has a 3.6% economic increase, higher than those of the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Manufacturing was behind this significant growth.

As mentioned above, manufacturing is not the only industry attracting foreign investors to Eindhoven, as a large number of companies are setting up their establishments here which further attract a larger number of employees. This has led to the development of the real estate sector in Eindhoven.

As a location, Eindhoven is situated in the southern part of the Netherlands and has access to two of the largest rivers in the country: Dommel and Gender. Those who want to start a business in Eindhoven can explore the touristic side of the city and set up hotels or restaurants here.

Registering a company in Eindhoven

The company registration process in Eindhoven is similar to that of companies in other parts of the country and implies selecting a structure and registering it with the Dutch Trade Register. Following that, the company must register with the authorities in Eindhoven if certain licenses are necessary. For example, construction permits must be obtained with the Eindhoven municipalities.

The taxes imposed to the company will also be paid with the tax authorities in Eindhoven.

If you want to register a company in Eindhoven and need assistance, you can rely on our Dutch company formation agents. Please contact us to set up a meeting in Eindhoven.